In 2013, after 10 years in the publishing industry leading digital transformation and bringing print products to the web, I woke up one morning…

… and decided to go it alone and restart the fire. I wanted to put my skills and knowledge to good use, not just for sake of getting paid at the end of the month.

I looked around and saw lots of people busy changing the world, be it their local community, entire country or even tackling global problems that touch people and places far away.

I decided to contribute by applying to small businesses what I've learnt in the world of 'big business'.




Small businesses rarely have the resource and skills to create exciting, or even simply effective digital solutions. This puts small business at a disadvantage in a rapidly digitized market.

I set up Digital Heart to help bring top-notch skills, creative and innovative thinking to those who need it most.

At Digital Heart, we're on a mission to share knowledge and skills with small businesses everywhere.  To encourage and open up this vast digital world of opportunities.

Nobody has to be left behind.

Elite Avner Marriott 
User Experience expert
strategy, design, workshops and training

Our team is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve incredible results, even on a limited budget! We only have 24 hours in a day, but we want to help more businesses. That's why we've decided to make digital courses so anyone in the world can download it at any time and reap the benefits.  


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